David Cotterrell

David works with variety of media and technologies to explore the social and political tendencies of a world at once shared and divided. His practice is typified by an interest in intersection; the breaks or nuances in the human condition that can lead to a less ambiguous understanding of the world we inhabit. Encapsulating the roles of programmer, producer and director, David’s projects embrace the quiet, indistinct spaces that are the sites for action, and which may (or may not) be understood more clearly in the future. David was commissioned to travel to Helmland province in Afghanistan in 2007 and 2008, where he observed various medical teams such as the Joint Forces Medical Group and the Combat Medical Technicians of 40 Commando at work. He also spent six months in 2009 documenting the continuing care pathway at Selly Oak and Headley Court. He continues to return regularly to the region, considering the challenges to empathy that occur prior to the descent into the polarised engagement of military forces.


lenticular print on aluminium

A lenticular print (a print covered in a sheet of lenses showing different images from different angles) comprised of a series of panoramic views, gathered over five years in Afghanistan and Texas. Two contested landscapes, Big Bend in the USA, a regularly surveilled illegal immigration...

HESCO concertainer units, coal waste           

Built by the 100 Field Squadron of the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers, Hill33 is one of the most ambitious land art projects in the UK in recent times. A 1,300 tonne, 12-metre tall earthwork in the Forest of...

3 channel video installation, 25mins                      

A quiet study of the attempt to bring an injured soldier to the tented entrance of  a desert field hospital, exposing the abstraction of experience within conflict. The screens show apparently unrelated...

C-type photographic prints          

A series of single photographs and tryptichs depicting the handing over of casualties as they pass from Camp Bastion to Selly Oak, Birmingham, UK. Transferred from one plane to another in the middle of the night on Kandahar’s airstrip, the wounded...

video projection, 30mins

A video document of the anticipation and preparation for treatment of mass casualties within conflict. After two years of negotiations between the Wellcome Trust, Imperial War Museum and Ministry of Defence, David was invited to observe the Joint Forces Medical Group at Camp Bastion in...