Adrian Lee

Adrian works in video, performance and sculpture, re-examining and reworking the overlooked trappings of our culture in an investigation of the processes of communication and persuasion used on domestic and international scales. Isolating and dismantling devices including government health warnings, health & safety signage and bureaucratic small print, multinational corporate advertising and brand mascots, he probes their function, reorganising familiar rhetoric and disrupting assumed authority. Adrian is fascinated by the way people attempt to define themselves through the things they purchase, what they believe and what they are told. In this world of hi-viz, feedback and data release forms, we collude in our own manipulation by becoming devotees of product designers, advertising executives, spin-doctors and charlatans.


Fire with Fire

polypropylene stock signage, carbon

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Polypropylene stock safety signage with one corner burnt by the artist. Fire with Fire pitches the real against the stylized in one dramatic gesture, like a page from a children’s book of opposites: left/right, hand/machine, unique/standard, real/symbol.

digital video, 1min

An exploration of the horrific marketing techniques of brand ISIS and the West’s response to their atrocities. A stop-motion animation using LEGO children’s construction toys to re-enact the destruction of the historic Iraqi city of Mosul, based on popular news footage and editing styles, it...

album covers, cellophane

A collection of works marrying two, iconic pieces of design: the 12-inch, vinyl record cover and the hard-pack, flip-top cigarette packet. Cool, nostalgic rebellion, squared.

found object, acrylic, UV lights

A now outlawed, Marlboro Cigarettes shop sign, reworked in gloss black and clear acrylic, and lit internally with ultraviolet light. Originally painted in the red and white, of the iconic brand, the case is now a clear acrylic, displaying the objects guts for...

poster, printed polypropylene stickers

Health and Safety compliant use of fire signage applied to a stock poster of Relativity by MC Escher. Taking as its start point the impossible perspectives of this iconic Escher work, a second layer of complexity is applied in the form of hand-cut, polypropylene...

Upcoming Exhibitions

Curating in the Dark, Artsadim, London UK

Solo Exhibitions

Exit Strategies, GARAGE, Edinburgh Fringe, UK
The Scientologist Personality Test Pub Quiz, The Gladstone, London, UK

Compensation Culture, GARAGE, Edinburgh Fringe, UK

Point of Sale, The Vitrine Gallery, London, UK

Survival Instinct, Deptford X, London, UK

Selected Group Exhibitions

ArtNight London, Associate Programme, UK
Site (un)Specific, METAL Southend, UK

Performance Programme, Material Art Fair, Mexico City, Mexico
Salon Acme, Mexico City, Mexico
Mi Casa Tu Casa, Casa, Imelda, Mexico City, Mexico

Market Sundries, Gardners, East London Photomonth, London, UK
Salon at St Saviour's, Plymouth Art Weekender, Plymouth, UK
Performance as Process, Delfina Foundation, London, UK
Repeat/Rehearse, Delfina Foundation, London, UK

DJART '14 Festival, Algiers, Algeria

Fort Da, Siobhan Davies Studio, London, UK

Climb like a Cucumber, Fall like an Aubergine, W139, Amsterdam, Holland
Ghost Station, Bletchley Park, UK

Deloitte Ignite 09, The Royal Opera House, London, UK